01. This wine is the best [vintage] to come out of this country in more than 50 years.
02. The 1994 [vintage] quickly became famous in wine-loving circles.
03. We won a bottle of [vintage] Beaujolais at our wine-tasting party.
04. My grandfather owned a succession of expensive [vintage] cars, including a beautiful old Jaguar.
05. A formation of [vintage] World War One fighter planes drew the loudest applause during the Air Show.
06. Bordeaux red wines are considered to be at their best between 8 to 23 years after [vintage].
07. This year's weather has been perfect for growing grapes so the [vintage] is expected to be the best in years.
08. British theater had a [vintage] season this year with some of the finest work coming out in a decade.
09. He is a car enthusiast and has over 20 [vintage] automobiles in his collection.
10. The comedian was in [vintage] form, and received a standing ovation at the end of his performance.
11. A bottle of 1988 [vintage] Chablis was sold at auction for $500.00
12. The parade was led by a [vintage] pink Cadillac carrying the mayor and his wife.
13. This year's [vintage] is expected to be of higher than average quality, due to the excellent weather.
14. For supper we had a fantastic 6-course meal, followed by several glasses of [vintage] champagne.
15. Logan Pearsall Smith once observed that happiness is a wine of the rarest [vintage].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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